We are proud to present to you today Ïndigo Blue Led Light, the New Light for your home design or your outdoor ambiance.

Ïndigo Blue Led Lights are here! They look Awesome… but… what are they?!

A bit of physics!

Led bulbs get their lighting properties from components called LED (Light Emitting Diode). A diode may come in handy in electric circuits since it has the property of letting the electric current flow in a unique direction. As a result of the junction between the positively and negatively charged material, the process from whom an electron flows from the anode to the cathode radiates some of its energy under the form of light. Other physical properties define the wavelength of the radiated light, the color.

Ïndigo bulbs last longer than incandescent ones because there is nothing burning inside the bulb. The incandescent light radiates light once the Tungsten wire is heated up between 2,400–3,400 Kelvin… you can hope for them to last you 1 200 hours.  To reach those high temperatures, they need to spend more energy (generally 60W-100W) which also results in a heat release. We can both agree that a heat excess may be appreciated in winter, but that means more heat to evacuate in a warm summer. Ïndigo Blue Led Light can last up to 50 000 hours and consumes as low as 5W/h.


Ïndigo Led Light is the type of decoration element that can open your mind to a torrent of creativity, helping you to add some vitality to your decor, renew your ambiance, animate your parties and events. There are no limits to the ways and means those bulbs can be used*.  We invite you to share with us your creative ideas so we can show the world. We will also, like some kids discovering they can paint nice pictures with their figures on the walls, share with you some pictures of the creative ideas we may come up with.

We really do care about your experience

You are our teachers! We are expecting us to provide you the product you expect… the best. We want to learn from your comments because they are the seed to improvement, and improvement is how perfection can be achieved. You can send any comment, idea, pictures, questions, complaint to info@altsens.com and be assured that all messages will be addressed and responded.

Who we are

AltSens as emerged from the concept of “Alternative Senses”. We believe that we can see the world under another angle, a different view, with alternate glasses which brings us to find innovative solutions to concrete problems.

I have an engineering degree in the electrical field. As I was younger, I remember the fun I had to work on multiple projects where  we had to control LED matrices and display all kinds of forms, shapes and colors. I’ve always been amazed and amused by LEDs and the crazy things you can do with them.

Have fun with your Ïndigo lights and let us know How Cool They Are!



*You still need to follow the limitations expressed on the website and the packaging.

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