Agricultural Intelligence

We are outsiders and we live up to the challenge

You will find among us some who have been bullied because of their color, their language, or their clothes. You will find others that have been threatened for their beliefs or their ideas. Or some that have been abused by the system, their family or their friends. And still, those who were ostracized because of their differences found the strength to tap into their greatness and to touch the world with the gifts they were born with. Being the underdog has always challenged us to prove them wrong. We do not fear being bullied, criticized, judged or pushed around because we live by the very principle that change is brought to the world by outsiders. There is an Alternative Sense to life, an alternative way to work.

We are eager to learn and share

We believe that learning is the most momentous skill one can have. And the fun part is that anyone can learn just about anything that sparks interest in his mind. As much as we love to read, learn from others or test our talents to perform demanding tasks, we enjoy being involved in events where we can share our knowledge, promote self-confidence and assist youngsters in the process of unlocking new skills. You will see us in the school science expos, in book clubs and home economy clubs where we learn as much as we can share with future generations. We are humbled knowing that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we are proud of the idea that we can contribute to global wellness by sowing a seed of wisdom in a forest of consciousness.

We are not building technology, we are building relationships

Although we are passionate about building incredible pieces of technology, we see it more as an opportunity to gather, an excuse to share slices of life, to bond and connect with those who we call our second family. We create life-changing solutions for people who have their share of struggles, challenges, and unmet goals. We face rogue waves as a crew, holding each other from falling, rowing in unison until we reach, together, the promised land. It is not as much what we do or where we do it that matters, but much more about who we are doing it with. Because you never know what stands before you, it is always reassuring to know who stands beside you.

We are a gateway that connects reality to imagination

We do not have a flux capacitor equipped DeLorean to time travel. Neither do we have a TARDIS, Dr. Who’s phone booth, to take us from then to now. Even less do we possess a time sled, a time tunnel, and even less a time toaster. And that’s ok! Because we don’t need them. We are natural-born time travelers, reality benders, and existence shapers that connect the world as we know it to a world that we could only dream of. We are working with creative minds, contributing with original beings, juggling with crazy ideas, and surfing on the edge of reality to manifest hidden gems of ingenuity that will bring our customers and the world into the future. We are the car, the phone booth, the sled, the tunnel, and the toaster.