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We are proud to bring to you the first Blue Flame Effect Led Light

They can enhance your indoor and outdoor decor in the most particular way...
Your Imagination, Our Lighting

Studies show that Blue color could promote calmness, relaxation and improve productivity.

They make nice dynamic effects of light and shadow in every room of your house and enhance your decors with life like luminosity.

Using very little electricity compared to an incandescent light bulb, they can greatly improve your electricity bills by cutting on the energy you're using.

Characteristics :

Compliant with E26 bulb base standards, Ïndigo will fit on most of North American lamp socket. The bulb is six inch long, less than 2 inch more than a conventional incandescent light bulb.

First Blue Flame Light, Ïndigo is a twist to the existing flame light bulbs. It offers new horizons for you decors. Use them in combination with light color surfaces, with lamp shades or glass covers.

Ïndigo comes in a rigid and thick cardboard box. The design on it is awesome so you won't be shy to offer it as a gift. A 1 year worry free warranty covers any kind of issues.

Heavy-Duty LEDs and high quality drivers are housed under a resistant polyethylene shell.Those qualities added to the skills of our professional engineers is the recipe by which the bulbs will last for more than 50,000 hours.

Ïndigo has been designed with ventilation holes present at the top and the bottom of the bulb. These holes guarantees a longer lifespan. Make sure you install the bulb in a dry place.

Made to withstand a large temperature range, Ïndigo Blue Flame Light can operate from -4°F to 116°F.

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Warranty Politic: 12 Month warranty offered by the manufacturer.
Purchases from unauthorized dealers, even of otherwise “new” products from the company, void warranty protection

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